Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: 2/16/14

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Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: 2/16/14 Empty Championship Wrestling from Hollywood: 2/16/14

Post by Mr Vortex on Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:02 am

Yeah! Nothing like watching wrestling by yourself on Valentine' Day weekend!!!  Mad 

Nick Madrid vs Hobo

Lots of choke holds to start off with. The match lags until Hobo grabs control with a series of punches in the corner to Madrid's head. Suddenly some other people enter the ring and smash up on the Hobo. It looks grim until the tag team champs rush in and save Hobo from a serious beatdown. Match ends soon afterwards from disqualification.. or something??  Neutral 

Fidel Bravo vs Thomas Namaste vs Daniel Joseph

Thomas Namaste opens up with some impressive yoga moves but Nick eventually does what needs to get the uno, dos, tres! The lasting impression though is left with Thomas Namaste and his trickery on the ropes.

Cedric the Hitman vs Matt Striker

Striker dominates until Othello, Cedric's enforcer causes the disqualification by entering the ring. Rudy shows up from backstage to force Stu Stone back into the ring but Othello pulls him away before he can get the beatdown he deserves.

The Family Suttons vs Johnny Goodtime, Jonnhy Yuma & Tito Escondido

Meh.. Johnny Goodtime keeps the match from getting boring with his high energy until the Suttons take over. Eventually though, one of the Suttons gets hit with a top rope move from Johnny Goodtime which ends the match.

Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas vs The Revolution (Che Cabrera & Sasha Darevko)

The Revolution destroy PPRAY, as both members beating up on Ray Rosas until commercial. Peter Avalon disappears but that's okay because Ray Rosas manages to fight back 2 against 1. Rosas hits the Revolution with a double body splash for the near pinfall, but they kick out. Just as the tide turns and Ray Rosas looks likes he is going down, Peter Avalon reappears from backstage to dive in for the save. Not long after Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas double team a member of Revolution and get the pin.

Well, I am sort of bummed that Scorpio Sky, my favorite wrestler in CWFH did not perform tonight, but the show was okay nonetheless. The show did seem go very quickly though without a lot of time for character development.

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